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Doomore Flies Again


The Doomore stories were originally designed for today's restless child who struggles with reading because of a preference for cartoons and video games. The first story makes use of simple vocabulary.











Read about
Grandpa's Crazy Farm.

Grandpa had a nice and quiet farm until his rooster began to eat TNT. Then, a lot of very LOUD explosions became very upsetting.
So, in an effort to bring peace back to his farm, Grandpa went on a little adventure (and lost his teeth). You can now read how Grandpa was able to bring peace back to his farm.

If you're looking for another action and adventure story, well, this is another one. But keep in mind that this story is about a Grandpa, and he doesn't move very fast. So, you can only expect slow moving action, and easy does it, safe and sure adventure.




Gif Stories:

The story below, and the one in the centre were not put together like most stories. The stories were created by first finding interesting action Gif figures like the one above. Then, I used the figures to help decide what the story was going to be about. So, the strange figures result in strange stories.


Grumpy Grandpa's Adventures.

In this story, you can go on your own adventure.
First, take Grandpa's advice. Then you can choose to go on four different adventures. They all include strange action Gif figures.

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