200 cows and 199 pigs all yelled at him.   They were all angry!

They had all bumped their noses.






Doomore kept running.

Plump, plump, plump, plump, plump.







He still could not see.   Doomore stepped on top of

something that was on the road.   He stepped up again.

He had climbed on top of an airport building.






The service station caught on the control tower, and

Doomore tumbled down.   He landed on a huge jet.


The jet was tak i n   g           o     f         f.





It flew up high.

Far below, Chipper was standing on a rock and watching.

Doomore saw his little friend.
He yelled, "See, dinosaurs can fly."








Doomore waved to Chipper.   Doomore’s foot slipped.

It was just a little slip.





I want to go to the last part. I want to find out how the story ends.