Space Travel



Traveling in space can be an exciting adventure.




You never know what

you might see.





Here we are out in space.


and there's somebody's trusty dog.


dog in space

I see, he likes being out here.






















































Look! What is that?

It looks like a rocket.


It looks like
a dinosaur on the rocket!
















There he goes again!



































































Look over there!


He crashed.





















Now he is crying.

This looks like a sad story.





I read this story

It's called Doomore, The Space Dinosaur.

He has a friend that helps him
get home safely.

In fact, if you want to

get out of here

you can go and read the story now.

Just click here!

BUT, Don't Expect To Come Back!















































































































































































































We left the world



far behind.
































































































































































I want to go through the jungle.

I want to journey underground.

I want to go deep into a mountain.

I've had enough adventure for now. 
Take me to the page with the children's stories.




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