A.   Gain a Proper Understanding


Processes are important.



The economy is a process:
It is easy to forget that the economy has a mind of its own, so it must be taken into account. Money doesn't grow on trees, so at some point we need to balance the budget. So free University in Quebec may sound good, but the key question is, can we afford it. Is it fair to the other segments of the economy? Also, some things are more important than others. Leaders and innovators need encouragement and support. Corporations have a lot of power to manipulate, so they also need to be taken into account.

Other Examples:

Rough Work !

This process is impacting everything. Yet some people think they can go back to the old ways. It is not reversable. Who wants to give up their smart phone? Who wants to withdraw, then become a backward nation?

Rough Work !


The amount of training a person has, the development of their abilities, how laws tend to be enforced, and the strength of an economy are all related to processes which can have an impact on what you are evaluating. Your understandings will be seriously flawed if you ignore important processes







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