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The pros and cons of Canadian jets
bombing in Iraq:

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The reasons for Canada going to war in Iraq:


Why should Canada use CF 18's to bomb Iraq?
  • There is a major refugee problem, so we need a quick solution.
  • The threat that ISIL will bread terrorists.
  • Some day ISIL might get the atomic bomb.
  • Radical fundamentalist Muslims are a problem to all, including Muslims.


Bombing can create more enemies:

When people get killed, their families become our enemies. So, bombing tends to make things a lot worse in the long run. There is a need for quick access to facts, so we don't get fooled. Before the Natives on the central plains of North America underwent major changes. The first major change came when the White people brought the horse to North America and traded it to the Natives. Before the horse, the Natives had to rely on their dogs for help. Hunting and traveling had been difficult, so sometimes they starved. But with the introduction of the horse, and a bit later the gun, hunting became quick and easy. After this, for over a hundred years the Natives enjoyed a good lifestyle, and starvation was seldom a problem.

Unfortunately, the White man also brought destructive epidemics and the loss of the buffalo. When the buffalo disappeared from the plains, the Natives lost their main source of food, clothing, and shelter.

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