After a short run, Doomore came to a service station.

He tried to hide inside.







But the animals found him.




Doomore was frightened.   He started to run.

Plump plump plump plump plump.
The animals ran after him.
          Clip, clip, clop, clop, thud, thud,

scritch, scritch.                


They all ran down the road.   Doomore could not see where
he was going.




Doomore ran off the road and went by a lumberjack that was

cutting down a tree.   The tree almost fell on top of him.   It went swooooooosh through the air and then CRUNCH

as it hit the ground.


Doomore ran                    
right over it.





Two men stepped forward.   They yelled at him because

they were angry!   Their tree had been trampled and they

were left with a big mess.









Doomore kept running.










Doomore ran through a cute little cabin that was

located in a quiet corner of the country.

The roof and walls went flying.






Forty people from the

Funny Hat Club were surprised

to find their cabin gone.



They all shouted at Doomore, because

they were all angry!

They had lost their cabin, and their hats were knocked off.

Not only that, they had lost their glue.









Doomore kept running.   His feet felt a bit sticky.







He crossed some railway tracks.   The train made a quick stop.

Skreeeeee, bang crunch, boom.   "Oink, oink, moo, moo."

It was a terrible accident.

The train had come off the tracks.





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